Embracing Humanity with the Gift of Humanity

India is home to an alarmingly high number of children who live in orphanages, slums, or other destitute situations.  The Mahaan Aasha Foundation (The Great Hope Foundation) was developed to better the lives of as many of these children as possible with the help of your donations.  Through our 3 focus areas of Education, Infrastructure, and Humanity, we can change the futures of these children and give them Hope. 
Mahaan Aasha means "Great Hope".  
~Michelle Stephens, Founder

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​​How The Mahaan Aasha (Great Hope) Foundation Was Born

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Education     Infrastructure        Humanity

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. It's what will lift children out of destitute situations and give them a chance in life.  However, government schools lack resources, requiring children to purchase their own books, and school supplies.  A simple luxury we take for granted, while many children in India  cannot afford this.   At The Great Hope Foundation we seek to raise funds to provide children with the materials and supplies they need, so that they can go to school and better their situation in life.  One backpack filled with school supplies for a whole school year is only $7.  
Good schools are a limited resource in India and cost more than most families can afford.  At The Great Hope Foundation, we recognize the value of a good education and seek to sponsor each child in a good school where they are encouraged to live up to their full potential.  One year sponsorship of a child is only $250.  One year of college is only $1,000.  

I always tell people they would be shocked to walk into a school or orphanage in India.  Most places have no playgrounds or play equipment, no proper kitchens to prepare food, or even proper bathrooms.  However, these places are filled with love and potential.  With the help of your donations, we seek to improve existing buildings and construct new facilities, including new bathrooms, water filters for clean drinking water, playground equipment, and solar energy to offset the cost of electricity. We believe if the environment you are living and learning in is clean, comfortable, and healthy, you will be happier and succeed more.  

At Mahaan Aasha (The Great Hope Foundation) we have a philosophy on Humanity.  We recognize that in addition to the basic needs of life (food, water, shelter) there is a basic need that is often overlooked despite it being so important:  The basic need for love, compassion, and human connection.  With each trip to India, we seek to do something fun and special with the children, including  educational field trips, special games and activities, and gifts.  We are also developing a program where children in US schools can Video chat with Children in India, pen pal, and trade art work; developing a human connection and exposure to outside culture for all.